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Welcome to FarPoint-AT. We provide Assistive Technology needs assessments, training and support. We believe that anyone, regardless of ability, can avoid being disadvantaged at school, work or university through the use of Assistive Technology (AT).


"Assistive technologies are products and services that empower disabled people to become more independent. Under the Equality Act 2010, assistive technology is recognised as a ‘reasonable adjustment’ which should be made available to prevent discrimination in a wide variety of contexts." Together for Short Lives


AT covers a diverse range of technologies including wheelchairs and environmental controls but most commonly refers to assistive IT and specialist software. AT is used in many settings, including education, employment, healthcare, residential and domestic. AT helps people of all ages within a wide range of disabilities or impairments, and through a wide range of activities.



#a11y is the hash tag to use to tweet about anything related to accessibility. A few of the latest tweets are listed below.


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